The Pharmacist That Designs Homes on The Side

There are countless different hobbies that we can enjoy. They can range from simple things such as knitting or cooking, while they can also be more extreme such as sky-diving or racing. What we choose tends to rely on many factors such as personal preference, finances and physical ability. Some people have some very different interests from others, though, leading to some very different hobbies. Some people have some very interesting hobbies indeed.

Killing Time

Danny, who has been a pharmacist inĀ Medicinesbymailbox for several years, first started designing homes several years ago. It all started when he found himself at a loose end one day and was looking for a way to kill some time. Then, inspired by something he saw on the TV, he started drawing houses. It gradually became something increasingly interesting to him. Danny even started to learn architecture so that he could create practical designs that can actually be built.

Award Winning Designs

Not only has Danny seen some of his designs turned into real houses, he has also won some awards for his designs. Even though designing homes is still a side-hobby while he is a full-time pharmacist, there is a chance that he may move into home design full time at some point in the future. For now at least, though, he will be focusing mainly on his online pharmacy to help pay the bills and to save for any future business plans. With any luck, he might be spending more time on creating award winning house designs at some point in the not too distant future.